Wonder Girls est un des groupes coréens les plus reconnus mondialement et qui s'est séparé le 10 février 2017 après 10 ans de carrière. Constitué de 6 membres : Sunye, Yeeun, Sunmi, Sohee, Yubin et Hyerim. Avec leurs hits comme Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody, Be My Baby ou encore Why So Lonely, le groupe a conquis l'Asie et a séduit l'Amérique avec plusieurs singles et tournées.

Your website name: WonderGirls France

Site url: http://wondergirlsfrance.fr

Social networks of your site:
Twitter : https://twitter.com/WGFrance
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wondergirlsfrance
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0u48euB0PeLf1zxYaD-0Zg

Artist social networks: too many, do not need

Link of the image you would like in the website header (preferably over 2000px wide): it’s not 2000px wide… i might need to redo it, if you need it, please tell me if you need a bigger size

Do you prefer how you would like the website header? If yes, send examples here or make a description:
I like these styles


Do you have a color preference?: the ones on the header (blue, white..) but I trust your judgement on that, your color mix are always done well

Is there a color you DON’T want?: bright and too dark colors

What would you like on the home page? posts, social networks, website gallery, projects,
a block with the 6 members pictures would be good too (link to their categories)
a block with last posted youtube videos

Do you prefer the theme in the lightest style with white or colored with light colors or dark with dark + medium colors?: light colors please

Do you want the theme more neutral or colorful/fun layout? a neutral theme but some pop of colors can be good

Do you have a theme that you like and want to send as an example/inspiration?:
exemple of layouts i like

About the themes above, what elements and details do you like most about them?: the vertical project block and square blog posts on the first one, and the last videos block on the second one

Any observations ?: if possible i would like the categories to appear in the posts (for exemple : appearence, advertisement…), so people can navigate in the categories when they click on it, from a post.

Also it will need space for the Flaunt advertisement after header and before footer on the homepage only
And the font must be compatible with french alphabet caracters such as é è à î … it’s quite important.

What would you like in the site sidebar ?: schedule space (“emploi du temps” on the website), spotify playlist, projects, disclaimer (already present in my sidear, i can give you the coding part if needed)


Reference pictures if needed


Your website name: WonderGirls France – Galerie
Site url: http://wondergirlsfrance.fr/galerie
Link of the image you would like in the website header (preferably over 2000px wide):

Do you have color preference?: it’s better if it stays in the color theme of the header
Is there a color you DON’T want?: not really
Do you prefer the layout in the lightest style with white, colored with light colors or dark with dark and medium colors?: light colors with brighter pop of colors
Do you have a layout that you like and want to send as an example/inspiration ?: http://dakotajohnsonportugal.com/galeria http://madelyncline.com.br/galeria
Any observations?: I am not much exigent for the gallery this time ^^

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